Galilee Travel Guide

Galilee is Israel's most fertile region and has an abundance of valleys, forests and farmlands. Tourists are drawn to the recreational pursuits and historical attractions associated with the area. Lake Tiberias (also known as the Sea of Galilee) is an area closely associated with the life and times of Jesus, making it a religious centre for both Christians and Jews. Fittingly, the area is full of religious shrines and historical sites of interest.

The city of Tiberias was built in honour of the Roman Emperor after which it is named and has played an integral role in the history of the Jews. Not only did it serve as an important spiritual centre and as the site of the compilation of the Talmud, early pioneers also established some of Israel's first (collective farms) around Tiberias. Many travellers still visit farms, ranches and in the area.

Today, Galilee is a popular holiday spot, offering year-round water activities, hot springs, health resorts and magnificent national parks. Galilee is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and eco-tourists because its variable landscapes are great for adventurous activities such as kayaking, horse riding, 4x4 tours and hiking. It is also the perfect area to explore if travellers want to experience some of the biblical landscapes.