Hangzhou Climate and Weather

Hangzhou has a humid, subtropical climate and, as with most of China, the four seasons are distinct. Summer is long, hot and humid, and sees average highs of up to 93F (34C). Autumn is cool and clear, while winter is dry and cold, with average lows of 36F (2C). Spring is warm, rainy, and short.

There are two rainy seasons in Hangzhou. The first is a brief period between late June and early July, when Hangzhou experiences the Asian monsoon season. The second is Hangzhou's typhoon season, which brings heavy rains in August and September. Although the area is prone to typhoons during this time, the storms very seldom hit Hangzhou directly, so it's usually less dramatic than it sounds.

The best time to visit Hangzhou is in autumn (September to November), when the average low temperatures remain above 50F (10C) and high temperatures can reach 83F (28C). Summer in Hangzhou is also a fairly popular time to visit but the heat and humidity can be uncomfortable for some travellers. Spring is stunningly beautiful because of all the blossoms, but the rain can deter some visitors.