Getting Around

The majority of the local population travel around Karachi by bus. Buses travel along set routes around the city, including to and from the airport. However, buses are not the most comfortable mode of transport as they are often overcrowded, and routes are often poorly marked. A number of taxi companies operate across Karachi, and offer a reasonably inexpensive means of getting around the city. Not all taxis are metered so the fare should be agreed on before entering the vehicle. The best option is to hire a car with a driver. Traffic jams can be nightmarish in Karachi so it's best to plan your journey well ahead of time.


Karachi Airport

The airport is situated 13 miles (21km) from the city of Karachi.

Karachi Airport (KHI)


The airport is situated 13 miles (21km) from the city of Karachi.

Getting to the city

Taxis and shuttles are available at the airport, and can be booked from the counters in arrivals. Buses are the most affordable way to get to the city, but be prepared for delays in peak times.


Local time is GMT +5.

Car rental

Several car rental companies have facilities onsite.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are available 24 hours a day and can be ordered when they are not present. The taxi counter is at the arrival counter. If the taxi is metered, passengers should insist the meter is turned on.


Terminal facilities include shops, restaurants, banks, currency exchange services, prayer rooms, VIP lounges, ATMs, and duty-free shopping.


Parking is available at the airport. There are demarcated bays for disabled passengers.