Getting Around

Kolkata has one of the best transport networks in the country. The metro runs the length of the city, and trams and buses provide wide coverage as well. Car hire is available, with drivers included; Uber is another option. Tourists are advised to not even attempt to drive around Kolkata, which is simply too congested and chaotic and will be overly stressful for the uninitiated.

As in all Indian cities, traffic congestion is a problem that results in frequent, noisy gridlock. Walking from one attraction to the other is often the quickest way of getting around. Some of the attractions are conveniently close together, especially in some of the old, colonial neighbourhoods, but it is a huge city so some transport other than feet will be required.


Kolkata Airport

The airport is located 17km (11 miles), or 60 minutes drive, from the city centre

Kolkata Airport (CCU)


The airport is located 17km (11 miles), or 60 minutes drive, from the city centre

Getting to the city

Transport from the airport includes trains, taxis and buses. All modes of transport are easily accessible from the terminals.


Local time is UTC/GMT +5.5 hours

Car rental

A few car rental companies operate at the airport.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are available at the airport.


Airport facilities include ATMs and currency exchange offices, baggage wrapping services, a VIP lounge, tourist information centre, first aid room, childcare room and a post office. There are limited duty-free shops and a few gift stores, and some dining establishments. A small selection of cafés offer convenience foods, while tea, coffee and soft drink vending machines are situated throughout the terminal building.


Plenty of parking is available.