Kuala Lumpur Climate and Weather

Kuala Lumpur's climate is typically tropical, meaning it's hot and humid all year round, with no distinct seasons and very little variation in temperature. The mercury hovers in the region of 86F (30C) all year, but can reach around 95F (35C).

Rainfall in the city is heavy and storms occur year-round, usually in the late afternoon. The showers often come as a relief to visitors who are unaccustomed to the heat, and don't generally disrupt itineraries very much, provided that visitors carry a lightweight rain jacket at all times.

Another balm for the heat is the amount of air-conditioned buildings visitors will spend time in; Kuala Lumpur is a modern city and well equipped to handle its tropical climate. June, July and August receive slightly less rainfall on average and, for this reason, many recommend them as the best months to visit the city.

Kuala Lumpur