Kyoto Climate and Weather

Kyoto has a humid subtropical climate and four distinct seasons that have a marked variation in temperature and precipitation. Summers, between June and August, are hot and humid with an average temperature of about 78F (26C), and some swelteringly hot days with temperatures topping 104F (40C).

The summer rainy season usually begins in the middle of June and lasts until the end of July, and rain during this period is fairly constant. The second half of summer is better for travel but only if visitors can bear the heat.

Winters, between December and February, are cold and snowfall is common in the city. Temperatures in winter frequently drop below freezing point. Kyoto does sometimes get hit by typhoons and the peak season for these storms is September and October. As a result, September is sometimes the wettest month in Kyoto.

The best time to visit the city is in the milder shoulder seasons of spring (March and April) and autumn (October and November), although travellers generally prefer to avoid the typhoon season and arrive in late autumn. Spring is a popular time to travel all over Japan because of the famously beautiful cherry blossoms that appear all over the country.