Little Rock Travel Guide

The capital and most populous city in Arkansas, Little Rock is named after a small rock formation on the bank of the Arkansas River, which was used as a landmark by early French colonists travelling along the river. With evidence that Native Americans inhabited the area before European settlers landed here, Little Rock has a fascinating history, including playing a major role in the American Civil Rights Movement, and as the former home of Bill Clinton. With no end of interesting stories to tell, Little Rock has plenty of great attractions to explore.

Located in the centre of where the Ozark Mountains, the Ouachita Mountains, and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain come together, Little Rock is nestled in picturesque natural surroundings, with forested rolling hills and cliffs that rise above the Arkansas River, making the city feel more like a holiday town than the metropolis and business centre that it is. Featuring stunning parks that boast golf courses, zoos, playgrounds, walking trails, mountain climbs, baseball diamonds and picnic areas, visitors don't have to leave the city to enjoy the fresh air. The city itself is pleasant and boasts some worthwhile sightseeing attractions for visitors, but Little Rock is most celebrated for its beautiful setting and the many outdoor gems nearby.