Getting Around

Montreal's sensible layout combined with an extensive and super-efficient public transport system (metro, bus and commuter rail services) make getting around the city easy. In fair weather, hundreds of kilometres of bike paths spanning the island offer a healthier, pleasant option.

Public transport is run by the Montreal Transport Society, or STM. The pristine metro has dozens of stations along four different lines with numerous stops in the city's famous subterranean mall. The metro stops are all integrated with a comprehensive network of city bus routes. Most metro services and buses run between 5.30am and 1am, with a limited night bus service filling in. The inner city services in turn connect to a commuter rail network that serves the suburbs.

Fares are standard on both the bus and metro and transfers are free; a tourist pass is available for bus and metro. Metered taxis can be hailed in the streets downtown or ordered in advance. There are numerous car rental firms in the city, but roads are often heavily congested and traffic jams are common.