Munich Climate and Weather

Munich's weather can be unpredictable. In general summers are fairly warm and very wet, characterised by sunny weather interspersed by dramatic thunderstorms. Winters are cold with light snowfalls. In summer (June to August) average temperatures range between 50F (10C) and 73F (23C), and in winter (December to February) average temperatures range between 25F (-4C) and 39F (4C). The Alps cause two unique aberrations in Munich weather. Southwesterly winds crossing the Alps can push up temperatures markedly even in winter, while northwesterly winds blowing from the mountains bring unseasonably low temperatures, rain and even snow on odd days. Visitors can easily end up experiencing quite a variety of weather on a stay in Munich. The most popular time to visit is in September and October, for Oktoberfest, but summer is the peak tourism season. Munich is really a year-round holiday destination because so many of the city's attractions can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.