Nairobi Climate and Weather

Nairobi has a maritime climate, tempered by its high elevation and tends to be less hot than the rest of Kenya. As the city is near the equator there is little variation between the seasons and generally people talk about wet or dry seasons as opposed to summer, winter, spring, or autumn. However, summers, between November and February, are warm and pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 50F (10C) and 77F (25C).

Winter days, between June and August, are mild with slightly cooler evenings, but temperatures are much like summer. The rainy season in Nairobi is during late summer and into autumn, when it is often cloudy and damp, but rainfall is seldom very heavy. The drizzliest months are March to May and October to December.

Generally visitors flock to Kenya in the country's dry seasons between January and March, and July and October, as these are the best months to go on safari in the national parks. The best time to visit Nairobi is in summer between November and February, but ultimately any time of year is okay in the city and it is recommended that visitors decide on the time of their visit to Kenya according to their desired activities rather than the city's climate.