Getting Around

New York's public transport system is relatively good and cheap, and it includes buses and the subway. There are also the iconic and ever-present yellow cabs, although they are more expensive. Visitors should avoid unlicensed cabs, sometimes called gypsy or pirate cabs. Lyft and Uber are available.

Visitors can use a combination of these or just get around on foot. Walking is often the best way to see the city. During rush hours, when buses and taxis are caught in gridlock and the subway is overcrowded, stretching the legs can be the quickest option.

Usually, the most efficient way to get around is the 24-hour underground system, especially as most of Manhattan's sights are near subway stations. Like other massive cities, however, this can be extremely confusing at first.

The bus system is simpler but slower, a good option for shorter distances or for travelling across town. Driving in New York is not recommended as traffic is heavy, drivers rude and aggressive, and parking both rare and exorbitant.