Pittsburgh Travel Guide

The city of Pittsburgh was built on the legacy of tough and hardworking immigrants, drawn to the jobs offered by its steel mills. It sits back on its laurels and offers a more leisurely and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle to locals and foreigners alike.

Once dubbed the 'Smoky City', Pittsburgh's mills have closed down and the emphasis now is on making the most of the city's natural beauty. Students have replaced factory workers, the smoking chimneys now supplanted by lively restaurants, bars, and museums.

The city lies between the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela Rivers, against the backdrop of the Allegheny Mountains. For this reason, it boasts the largest concentration of pleasure boats in the United States.

There is a clean, friendly metropolitan centre filled with trees, shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, and theatres. Attractions abound in this scenic city, from one of the world's fastest continuous track rollercoasters to the Andy Warhol Museum.

For fresh air, there are free summer concerts in a beautiful park. Pittsburgh has retained its gritty industrial charm but has supplemented this industrious heritage with boundless recreational opportunities and unexpected scenic nooks.