Provence Climate and Weather

Provence has a Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers and cold winters. Temperatures along the coast tend to be slightly higher and swimming in the Mediterranean can be enjoyed as late as September and October. Most rainfall occurs in spring (April to May) but Provence is dry in comparison to much of France and hardly ever experiences frost in winter, let alone snow. Provence is renowned for the presence of the Mistral wind, a cold, dry, northwesterly wind that funnels down the Rhone Valley, often reaching 60 miles per hour (100km/hr), and is at its strongest and most frequent during winter and spring. Spring compensates for this chance of wind and rain with its blooming flowers, which make the countryside even more beautiful. Although in the last few years summers have been quite hot, Provence is generally known for its mild weather, which is one of its advantages for travellers. It is a year-round travel destination but remains very popular in summer which is peak tourist season for most of France.