Eating Out

Siem Reap's variety of restaurants cater to every taste. Visitors will find traditional Cambodian (or Khmer) food as well as Western staples.

The Old Market area boasts a wonderful assortment of restaurants, as do Wat Bo Road and Sivatha Street. Pub Street is a great favourite among tourists. Psar Chaa (Old Market) is home to a group of restaurants selling local food for foreign palates. Most restaurants stay open late and it's easy to find reasonable prices. Local markets, like the Old Market, are also exciting and wallet-friendly places to sample local cuisine.

Regarding Khmer cuisine, visitors must try the national dish, Fish Amok, which is cooked with chillies, onion, spinach and coconut milk, and served with rice in banana leaves. The more adventurous should try exotic Khmer staples, like red tree ants and fried tarantulas.