Tenerife Climate and Weather

Tenerife has a wonderful climate with an average temperature that's comfortable all year round. The cooling sea breeze ensures that there's little humidity and that the summer heat is bearable. During winter, between December and February, the evenings get cooler and the water temperatures drop, but it's never cold by European standards.

The coldest month, January, experiences average temperatures between 59°F (15°C ) and 68°F (20°C) and August, the hottest month, experiences average temperatures between 70°F (21°C) and 84°F (29°C). Rainfall in the summer months is almost non-existent, but showers are possible between October and April. The rain showers are usually short-lived and quickly replaced by sunshine.

There are, however, distinct climate variations according to region on Tenerife. Inland, particularly around Teide National Park, temperatures can drop far lower, so travellers should dress for cool evenings and rainfall, or perhaps even snow if they're exploring the high altitudes around the interior of the island.

The most popular time to visit Tenerife is in the summer months between May and September, but beaches can be enjoyed year round.