Walvis Bay Travel Guide

Tourists travelling to Namibia often overlook Walvis Bay. On closer inspection, the country's second-largest city has a lot to offer. The town is the gateway to a host of endless dunes, freshwater lagoons, birdlife, sea creatures, and silence. The freshwater lagoons found at the base of some of these dunes provide life to a variety of highly unique desert wildlife.

Aside from the awe-inspiring scenery, Walvis Bay offers a range of other activities and sightseeing opportunities for adventurous visitors as well as those who just want to relax and commune with the wind. Walvis Bay is the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding desert regions, including the beautiful Sandwich Bay and Cape fur seal colony at Cape Cross, and the nearby seaside resort of Swakopmund. Popular activities include deep-sea fishing excursions, dune-boarding, dolphin watching, and scuba diving.

Walvis may be a small dusty town along Namibia's barren and harsh coastline, with hot days, cool nights and mornings shrouded in sea fog. However, it offers up something magical that few can resist. Walvis Bay is the perfect place to relax, zone out and commune with your surroundings as you sip a cold beer, watching the colours of the fiery sunsets compete with the flamingos in the lagoon.

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