Getting Around

Winnipeg has a comprehensive public transport system that consists of buses, cycling routes, trains and taxis. Local bus services are run by Winnipeg Transit, which operates over 80 fixed routes throughout the city. Buses generally run from 6am to around midnight and can be halted between stops after 7pm, provided the driver is given advance warning. There is also a Rapid Transit route in the southwest of the city, as well as a free bus service in the city centre called Downtown Spirit.

Winnipeg also has a network of cycling and bus lanes as part of an effort to decrease commute times. Trains are primarily used for travel to surrounding cities and are run by VIA Rail.

Taxis are widely available and can either be hailed in the street or called in advance. Reputable taxi companies will use a meter which should be switched on at the beginning of the journey. Ride-hailing apps such Uber also operate in Winnipeg.