Zagreb Climate and Weather

The climate varies quite substantially between the Croatian coastal regions and the interior. The climate of Zagreb is continental, with four separate seasons. Summers (June to August) are hot and dry, and winters (November to February) are cold.

The average temperature in winter is 34F (1C) and the average temperature in summer is 70F (21C), although it can get much hotter. In fact, the interior can feel much hotter than the coast due to the lack of cool sea breezes. The end of May, particularly, gets very warm, with temperatures rising to 86F (30C) and up. Snowfall is common in the winter months, from December to March, and rain and fog are common in autumn (September to November).

The most popular time to visit Zagreb is in the peak summer months, when tourists are flocking to Croatia for the sun and sea on the coast. Possibly the best time to visit the city, however, is in spring (March to April) when the weather is slightly less hot and the city is less crowded and usually less expensive.