Climate in Cyprus

Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunshine all year round. Long, dry summers and mild winters are separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Summer is a time of high temperatures with cloudless skies, but the sea breeze creates a pleasant atmosphere in the coastal areas. Winters are mild, with some rain and snow on the Troodos Mountains.

Cypriots are fond of saying that 11 out of the 12 months are sunny in their country and it is no idle boast: the 'summer' holiday season lasts about eight months in Cyprus, beginning in April with average temperatures of 70-73°F (21-23°C) during the day and 52-55°F (11-13°C) at night; and ending in November when average temperatures are 72-73°F (22-23°C) during the day, and 54-57°F (12-14°C) at night. The remaining four months of the year are by no means freezing either, with temperatures still sometimes exceeding 68°F (20°C).

These enviable statistics make Cyprus a year-round holiday destination, particularly as European winter sun-seekers often choose to vacation here even in the cooler months. However, peak tourist season is summer (June to August).