Things to do in Gibraltar

The main attraction for most visitors to Gibraltar, the northern face of the Rock of Gibraltar has been set aside as a nature reserve that will delight botanists and bird watchers. The most famous inhabitants of the Upper Rock are the cheeky Barbary Macaque apes, mischievous primates who delight in stealing bags, cameras, and other items from tourists. The macaques are most concentrated around the Apes Den, and visitors are warned not to take food into the area and to be careful with their belongings.

There are several points of interest in the Upper Rock Reserve, including the impressive rock formations in St Michaels Cave, the Jews Gate, and military Siege Tunnels left over from World War II. There are many hiking and walking paths throughout the reserve of varying difficulty.

Visitors to the Upper Rock get to the reserve by cable car, which offers stunning views along the way, extending from Spain to the north to Africa to the south. Visitors should note that there are separate entrance fees for various sites on the Rock of Gibraltar, including the Apes Den, St Michaels Cave, and the Siege Tunnels.

Other popular attractions in Gibraltar include Europa Point, the southern tip of the peninsula, which boasts a number of historic buildings including a 19th-century lighthouse and a restored 19th-century fort; The Moorish Castle, perched high above Gibraltar's Old Town and built between the 8th and 14th centuries; and the surprisingly magnificent Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, which offer some peace away from the crowds and all the military history.