Jamaica Travel Guide

Jamaica is a world heavyweight tourist destination and the Caribbean's most famous island. It offers visitors a heady cocktail of sublime weather, pristine beaches and fun cities, as well as interesting cultural attractions. Although Jamaica is an incredibly popular place to visit and retains very few 'off the beaten track' areas to explore, mass tourism has not spoiled the island's considerable charms and it remains a great bet for a relaxing, fun-filled beach holiday.

Jamaica's northern and western shores and particularly the areas around Montego Bay are lined with upmarket beach resorts, offering all-inclusive holiday packages in a veritable lap of luxury. Jamaica is also a popular cruise destination, offering excellent watersport activities, such as diving, snorkelling, surfing, jet-skiing and kite-surfing.

Even though some of the island's beaches are legendary (such as Negril's Seven-Mile Beach), it would be a mistake to assume that warm, clear waters and golden sands are all that Jamaica has to offer. The cities of Kingston and Montego Bay are dynamic, exciting and full of interesting cultural sights such as the National Gallery and an array of plantation-era mansions known as Great Houses. Jamaica's Blue Mountains don't only produce some of the world's best coffee but also offer plenty of excellent hiking trails for adventure-seekers.

Best time to visit Jamaica

Jamaica's climate is tropical, with warm temperatures all year round. The wet season runs from June to November, with most rain falling in September and October. The best time to visit Jamaica is between December and April, making it an ideal winter destination for tourists from the northern hemisphere. Those travelling on a budget should think about braving the elements a little and travelling in the rainy season, as airfares and accommodation prices fall dramatically at this time.

What to see in Jamaica

-Relax for a day in paradise at Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

-Take in the Bob Marley Museum and the National Gallery while in Kingston.

-Tour the Appleton Rum Estate and indulge in a richly-deserved rum cocktail.

-Visit the beautiful Blue Lagoon, made famous by the movie of the same name.

What to do in Jamaica

-Make the pilgrimage to Nine Mile Village and visit the final resting-place of reggae legend Bob Marley.

-Head to Montego Bay's Hip Strip and join a late-night party at one of the area's vibrant nightclubs.

-Venture to the Blue Mountains, and enjoy a hike through coffee plantations and the outstanding natural scenery of Strawberry Hill.

-Seek out Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with dolphins.

Getting to Jamaica

There are direct cheap flights to Jamaica available from airports throughout the US and UK. A number of tour operators offer charter flights to Jamaica available at certain times of the year.


Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and Pao by Kerry Young.


Cool Runnings (1993), Rockers (1978) and Shottas (2002).


Jamaica is famous for its jerk seasoning, which is a spicy barbecue marinade that some travellers find totally addictive. Visitors should be sure to try the island's national dish of saltfish and ackee, a local fruit with a very distinctive flavour.


Rum cocktails and Red Stripe beer (one of the island's most celebrated exports).

What to buy

Go see a live reggae act and pick up some merchandise as a keepsake of a glorious time on Jamaica.

What to pack

Visitors should pack plenty of sunscreen and some effective insect repellent for a holiday in Jamaica. A lightweight rain slicker is a good idea, just in case visitors get caught in a downpour. After-sun lotion is also a good idea, as it can relieve the worst effects of sunburn.

What's on in Jamaica

Every year in the first week of February, reggae devotees gather in Kingston for Bob Marley Week to celebrate the life of the island's favourite son. Travellers can join the crowds at the annual Reggae Marathon, which takes place along the glorious white sands of Negril's beaches. The Boston Jerk Festival is the place to go to sample Jamaica's famous jerk seasoning.

Did you know?

-Ian Fleming wrote 10 James Bond novels while living in Jamaica.

-Jamaica was the first tropical country to enter the Winter Olympics.

-Jamaica is home to the oldest railway in the New World.

A final word

Jamaica is the jewel in the glittering crown that is the West Indian archipelago, and tourists looking for a relaxing holiday full of sun and excitement will find that this unassuming island exceeds all their expectations.