Montenegro Travel Guide

Half the size of Belgium, but full to bursting with spectacular scenery, lively resorts and picturesque medieval towns, Montenegro proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. The 'Black Mountain', as it translates to in English, has rightly transitioned from one of Europe's under-the-radar spots to an 'it' destination, and visitors can expect to be thoroughly charmed.

The Adriatic coastline offers some of the most breathtaking seaside scenery on the continent, thanks to imposing mountains that jutt sharply from azure waters, and ancient walled towns that cling to the rocks. Those who visit the coast in summer will enter a world bathed in the fragrance of Mediterranean blossoms, conifers and wild herbs.

Adventurous travellers should not limit themselves to Montenegro's perfect beaches, though. Instead, they should venture to the the rugged mountains of Dormitory and Prokletije, or the primeval forest of Biogradska Gora, where hiking, horse riding and kayaking are the order of the day. Skiers should head to the north, which is particularly attractive in winter; culture lovers will discover a rich history through the country's Venetian houses, ornate Catholic churches and elegant mosques.