Climate in California

The weather in California is temperate and pleasant for most of the year. In general, summers are hot, winters are mild and humidity is low. Offshore breezes keep the beach communities of Los Angeles and San Diego cooler in summer and warmer in winter than those further inland. Generally the weather is warm and dry in all seasons, with 354 days of sunshine a year. Temperatures in the summer can get well over 90ºF (32ºC) and smog can become a problem. The desert winds known as the 'Santa Anas' bring dry, sandy air to southern California in the summer. In winter temperatures get down to around 55ºF (12ºC) and rain is a possibility. San Francisco, a little further north, is a little cooler and breezier, and fog regularly covers the harbour until about midday. Winter weather in San Francisco can require a warm coat.

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