Colorado is an outdoor paradise with a truly diverse landscape that includes arid deserts strewn with sand dunes, alpine forests on the Rocky Mountains topped with snow, and the deep canyons created by the Colorado River. It's these wild, untamed vistas that draw visitors to the state of Rio Colorado, as Spanish travellers first called it.

The Rocky Mountains are a year-round destination that boasts forests, canyons, lakes, rivers and peaks that provide ample opportunity for hiking, mountain biking, fishing and horseback riding. Winter resorts nestled in the mountains offer unrivalled skiing and snowboarding amid the panoramic alpine scenery. The family-friendly resort of Vail is one of the most popular ski destinations in America, while Aspen is well known for its exclusivity and glamorous apres-ski scene.

The state capital of Denver is the obvious starting point for a holiday and is the gateway to the mountains, ski resorts and spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park to the north. Home to many museums, parks, gardens and a lively downtown area, the destination offers the comfort and culture of a bigger city at relaxed pace. To the south, Pikes Peak looms over the city of Colorado Springs, which is famous for breathtaking views that inspired the lyrics of 'America the Beautiful' by Katherine Lee Bates. Those travelling from Denver to Colorado Springs should stop at the Gardens of Gods Park to marvel at the fantastic red sandstone formations. The western part of the state comprises archaeological remnants of the cliff cities left by an ancient civilisation at Mesa Verde National Park.

While the scenery may be varied, visitors' experiences will be consistently enjoyable as they journey through the striking landscape of Colorado.