Despite the state's motto advocating moderation, Georgia is truly the land of plenty, offering up a multitude of landscapes, history, and good old fashioned southern charm. Georgia's varying environment and personality make it the perfect getaway for both relaxation and non-stop activity.

Georgia's varying landscape means that there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. From hiking the Appalachian Mountains in the North, to tanning on the beaches in the west. The southern region will appeal to nature lovers. It offers beaches, offshore barrier islands, wetlands, walking and biking trails, and quaint shrimping villages to explore. Visitors will be charmed by the romantic city of Savannah with its cobblestone antebellum squares, surrounded by historic architecture which lines the rivers.

Further north the pace of life picks up in the entirely modern city of Atlanta. The cultural and business hub of Georgie, there is an endless stream of entertainment in the form of opera, ballet, theatre, and much more. Particularly interesting are the museums dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement that was birthed in Atlanta.

Whichever region of Georgia one chooses to visit, be it the Atlanta metropolis, plantations of the Deep South, or the coast, there is one common denominator: everywhere visitors are received and hosted with traditional southern hospitality.