Kas Travel Guide

Delightfully situated among towering vertical cliffs, Kas is the region's second major holiday resort. Although lacking in idyllic stretches of beach, the dramatic rocky coastline creates easy access to clear and unpolluted Mediterranean waters. Kas also boasts an abundance of outdoor activities and a lively nightlife, ensuring its reputation as a satisfying holiday destination.

It is the centre for glass-bottomed boat trips to the sunken cities around Kekova Island, where remains of mysterious civilisations can be viewed just below the surface of the water. Visits can also be arranged to the surrounding archaeological sites at Demre, Myra, and the Xanthos Valley. The town is built around the remains of ancient Antiphellos, and there are ruins of a Hellenistic theatre, the monumental Lion Tomb, and some hillside rock tombs in and around the town.

Despite attracting thousands of holidaymakers every year and the tourist development of what was once a simple fishing village, Kas still preserves its small-town charm with narrow cobbled streets and novel boutique shops.


With plenty of good shopping available, travellers will have to sift through the dozens of carpet shops, souvenir stalls, and counterfeit sportswear to find the true gems. The best places to shop in Kas are the little boutiques that sell tools, hand-carved artefacts, local silver and gold jewellery, and plenty of Turkish kilims (handwoven rugs).


Kas is home to a growing number of cafes, restaurants, and patisseries. Visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out. Boasting all kinds of cuisine from around the Mediterranean, including fresh local seafood to meze (similar to Spanish tapas). Eating out in Kas is a culinary experience to remember and one that will linger on visitors' taste buds for hours afterwards.


When the sun sets on the fishing town of Kas, the streets come to life with bars and cafes emitting warm glows of light, laughter, and local music. The romantic feel to the town makes it a popular choice for couples, meaning there are not as many trendy dance clubs as other Turkish resorts and young singles should head elsewhere if looking for a lively night out.

Holiday activities

With all the picturesque hillsides and breathtaking views over the Turquoise Sea, it's no wonder paragliding is such a popular activity in Kas. Other activities include scuba diving, sea kayaking, banana boat rides, snorkelling, swimming, and parasailing. Jeep safaris are also a popular activity for more adventurous travellers. A walk up to the castle provides a fantastic view of the Aegean, while there are a number of interesting villages and ruins in the surrounding area.

Any negatives?

The two main beaches in Kas, Buyuk Cakil (Big Pebble Beach) and Kucuk Cakil (Little Pebble Beach) are both shingled, so many visitors tend to visit the nearby beach of Patara.