Things to do in Minsk

Minsk is not exactly a sightseeing city, but it makes up in interest for what it lacks in traditional tourist attractions. A Stalinist city, Minsk has a unique atmosphere which is appealing to those seeking a novel destination.

Tourist attractions in Minsk include the imposing Cathedral of the Holy Ghost, dating back to 1642, one of only a handful of historic buildings surviving in the city; the Chelyuskinetes Park, an old-fashioned amusement park providing outdoor fun and a pretty botanical garden; the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, showcasing the horrors of World War II; the National Museum of Culture and History, which chronicles the long and turbulent history of Belarus; the National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus; and Victory Square, which includes a moving war memorial.

Minsk is a comparatively safe city and getting around is easy while sightseeing. Many of the main attractions can be visited on foot, and reasonably priced public transport fills in the gaps for travellers who don't want to walk too much.

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