Montego Bay Climate and Weather

The tropical climate of Montego Bay ensures it's warm and sunny year-round, making it a great holiday destination. There is little seasonal variation in temperatures, with the average high being 91F (33C) and the lowest temperature generally only falling to 69F (21C). July and August are the hottest months and January through March are the coolest but the difference in temperature is minor.

There are frequent rain showers in Montego Bay, but these are brief and the weather usually turns sunny again afterwards. The Jamaican rainy season runs from May to November, with the chance of hurricanes between June and November. The wettest months in Montego Bay are September and October.

The most popular time to travel to Montego Bay (and the rest of the island) is in the dry season between mid-December and mid-April. But if visitors are travelling on a budget or want to avoid the crowds, it's a good idea to travel to Montego Bay in the wet season because it's cheaper and the short-lived rain showers don't generally put much of a dampener on a Jamaican holiday. It's always warm enough to swim in the lovely Caribbean waters of Montego Bay.

Montego Bay