Climate in Antarctica

Summer (late November to March) is the only time when tourists can visit Antarctica and even then temperatures are close to freezing along the coastal regions. The interior plateau is much colder due to its higher elevation and distance from the sea.

The Antarctic Peninsula has the most moderate climate, with temperatures averaging from 5°F to 60°F (-15°C to 16°C). December and January are the warmest months and can have up to 20 hours of sunshine a day, while in winter it is dark almost 24 hours a day with temperatures falling well below -76°F (-60°C). At that time of year, the surrounding ice pack makes access by ship out of the question.

To view mating rituals among the seabirds and penguins, November is the best month, while December and January are the height of the tourist season, when penguin colonies are feeding their newborn chicks. The best time to see whales is during February and March.