Getting Around

Buses and trams are the easiest and cheapest way to get around in Krakow, though they can be crowded during rush hour. Tickets can be purchased at various kiosks, ticket machines and on the bus or tram itself. Taxis are readily available, though prices increase between 10pm and 8am. Radio taxis (identified by a taxi sign and the phone number of the company) usually offer the best rates and it is often cheaper to phone and order a taxi than to simply hail one down. As tourists are sometimes overcharged it is best to agree on a fare before getting into the taxi.

The Old Town is relatively compact and easy to negotiate, containing many of Krakow's tourist attractions: it is best explored on foot as most of it is designated a pedestrian-only area. Many of Krakow's attractions are within easy walking distance, and the public transport network is extensive so car hire is only really necessary if venturing outside the city. Car hire is easy in Krakow but Poland is not generally a country that provides a peaceful driving experience for foreigners as many of its highways are poorly maintained and the local drivers are somewhat unpredictable.